FUTUREquipped - Construction (FUT01)

FUTUREquipped was funded by Scottish Funding Council and led by two of the eight Innovation Centres - CSIC and Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI) with contributions from DataLab, CENSIS and industry.

The project harnessed innovation from three traditionally unconnected sectors: health & care, construction and ICT and produced a series of micro-learning modules to allow colleges to continue to explore the interdisciplinary learning derived from this project.

Complete this course to understand the key issues and skills considered necessary for a better connected and healthier built environment.

  • FUTUREquipped SMART homes section1
  • SMART Homes test 1
  • FUTUREquipped SMART homes Section 2
  • SMART homes test 2
  • Domestic BMS section 1
  • Domestic BMS test 1
  • Domestic BMS section 2
  • Domestic BMS test 2
  • Energy Efficient section 1
  • Energy efficient test 1
  • Energy Efficent
  • Energy efficient test 2
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever